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​          Absorption Materials Oil Only

Oil Booms ​
Very suitable for use in incidents. Oilbooms contain the spilt oil and absorb quickly. The polypropylene cord provides great tensile strength.  


Oil Only Mats and Rolls 
Suitable for use on land or water. Stay afloat even after complete saturation. For quick absorption of spilt oil or fuels both inside and outside, on land or water.  


Oil Only Pillows 
For containment of spilt oil, inside or outside, even in the rain. They only absorb oil not water, and stay afloat even when saturated with oil. 

Oil Only Ultra-Strong Rolls 
Unique double-sided laminate with ultrasonic bonding makes this range ultra-strong. Does not fluff, does not tear and absorbs even quicker. Once absorbed the liquid is retained perfectly.

​                   Spill Kits Small

ADR Safety kit 
The ADR (art. 8.1.5.) prescribes that every company that transports dangerous goods must have a safety kit that is suitable to protect the safety of the driver and the environment while loading and unloading and in the event of an incident. 

Emergency Boxes 
Emergy boxes are watertight and can be taken anywhere. Suitable for lorries, laboratories or factories. Lightweight, with handles and stainless steel catches.  


Mobile Spill Stations - NEW 
Extra strong model with more sorbents. Suitable for lengthy use, both inside and outside. Not easily damaged. Essential in places where spills are likely, such as laboratories, near compressors, technical services, production rooms etc.  


Response Bags 
For places where work with liquids is carried out and spills must on no account pollute the soil.  


Spill Drums 
Spill drum for places where spills definitely must not occur, such as on board, on the quay or on the work floor. Increases safety at every work place.  


Spill Kit Sign 
Use this pictogram to label the position for Spill Kits. 


Zipper kits 
The small and compact first aid packet for spills up to 20 litres. Does not take up much room and does not weigh much.

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